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The Interim

The Interim

The interim inspection is used to ascertain as to how well the property is being cared for during the tenancy.

We will normally make arrangements directly with the tenants to give them the opportunity to be present. During the inspection we will take a general view of the property looking for anything that may be of concern, we will not lift or move any of the tenant’s personal belongings and we will generally not comment on the overall tidiness of the property unless it is very tidy or there is a potential health and safety issue.

We will look for issues such as damp or other building problems, and ask the tenants if there are any maintenance issues or anything they’d like the landlord to know about, which may not be obvious during the inspection such as a leaking cistern or a faulty radiator. We will also take the opportunity to inform the tenants if we identify any minor issues that they can rectify before they become a bigger problem. All of our findings will then be presented in the interim report and made available to the landlord or agent.

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